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We drive profitability and inspire customer loyalty.

Payment Solutions

Getting paid shouldn’t cost so much.

Our solutions are designed to improve margins so you can focus on what matters most—wowing your customers.

Mobile Payments

Start transacting with confidence.

Protect your payments from questionable customers with layers of risk solutions that ease the fear of transacting.

Mobile Payments

Technology is constantly evolving.

Empower commerce with the latest payment technology and start profiting from customer engagement.

We measure our success by your bottom line.®

Our unique solutions adapt to your business to create an easy, dependable, customer-focused experience your patrons will appreciate. No one in the payment services industry does it better.

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National Grocers Association
Professional Photographers Of America
Unified Grocers
National REIA
Ohio Grocers Association
Christian Booksellers Association
Desktop Digital Lab
Bluefin Payment Systems
Professional Photographers of Ohio
Miami University
Photolynx Inc.

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