Payments + Loyalty

Offer direct debit payments (ACH) through loyalty programs to inspire loyalty, increase security, and drive profitability. Use the savings from lower processing fees to reward customers and lay the foundation for a customized mobile shopping experience.

Why ACH Payments?

ACH is more profitable to transact than a credit or debit card. Processing through the ACH network creates a secure, decoupled debit transaction that avoids the high transaction fees associated with credit cards.

Create Value.

Why Loyalty?

Fund reward programs, discounts, and fuel points with the savings afforded by ACH transactions. Leveraging your current program or adding new incentives inspires customer loyalty and promotes a more profitable form of payment.

Drive Adoption.

Unlock Customer “Spend Potential”

Loyalty programs provide great insight into customer shopping habits. Use this data to reward customers to spend more dollars at your store instead of elsewhere.


Tokenizing ACH payment credentials protects sensitive customer data and prevents information breaches.

Card & Mobile

Payments can be attached to card and mobile platforms, creating a holistic shopping experience.


Simply integrate ACH payment capabilities into existing loyalty platforms, register software, and hardware.