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Protect your ACH transactions with the right solutions.

Solutions to protect ACH transactions


Flexible processing solutions that enhance your brand and drive profitability.

ACH Processing

Process one-time and recurring payments through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network to take advantage of low transaction fees. Stop paying excessive credit card fees and put that revenue to work for your business.

ACH Processing

RCC Processing

Process transactions as a remotely created check to avoid NACHA’s limitations with ACH payments. Perfect for high risk industries and can be seamlessly coupled with ACH to meet all of your processing needs.

Check 21

Why should you accept ACH payments?

Look how many pennies it costs to accept these average payment types:


Debit Card

Credit Card (POS)

Credit Card (Online)

A few pennies here and there may not seem like much, but they can add up quickly.


Limit your exposure before, during, and after processing a payment.

Funds Verification

Funds Verification

Confirm a minimum balance in a payer’s account prior to originating an ACH. Use the data to improve processing success rates, limit exposure to returns, and authorize new customer accounts.

✓ Live bank account data           ✓ Daily balance inquiries

Account Validation

Account Validation

Authenticate a customer’s bank account, whether enrolled online or in-person, as a valid and open account. These results reduce administrative returns, phishing scams, and fraud attempts.

✓ Direct bank confirmation           ✓ Legitimize real accounts

Customer Authentication

Customer Authentication

Verify a new customer’s credentials in real-time during enrollment to stop fraud. Leverage data results to approve, decline, or request additional information from customers prior to transacting.

✓ Validate customer identity           ✓ Verify bank account

New NACHA Return Rates

Revised ACH return rate thresholds for September 2015

.5 Percent Unauthorized Returns


3 Percent Administrative Returns


15 Percent Overall


Don’t lose your processing privileges by surpassing these return rates!

Smart Recovery

A “Smart Re-Presentment” process monitors account balances daily and recovers returned transactions when funds are available. Abandoned and closed accounts are recovered with letters, phone calls, and traditional collection methods.

Fraud Prevention

Tap into our vast experience of mitigating risk to protect your payment ecosystem and limit exposure to fraud before transacting a payment. Our directives help improve profitability while making it easier for good customers to pay.

Add our solutions to drive profits in any environment.






AAP Security

Oversight by an Accredited ACH Professional (AAP) ensures full NACHA and REG E compliance that protects your business and sensitive customer data.

Tailored Application

One-size doesn’t fit all; that’s why our payments team will help you evaluate our solutions to determine the best application for your strategic initiatives.

Payment Expertise

Wisdom comes from improving payment operations, integrating with banks, and mitigating risk for our clients and their customers since 1998.

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