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LEND360: Panel: Compliance in payments

In an industry as innovative and exciting as ours, it’s important to make connections with the people making a difference. That’s why I am speaking at LEND360 .

An intimate gathering of professionals working in the online lending marketplace, LEND360 offers a targeted, high-level learning and networking opportunity that allows you to get up-to-date on ...

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Welcome Same Day ACH (it

Same Day ACH, a newly implemented NACHA rule that was heard around the payments world Fri, Sept 23rd! Traditionally, when an ACH payment is processed, the money lands in the receiver’s account the next business day. NACHA, serving as the trustee of the ACH Network, has officially implemented a rule change that allows same-day transfer of funds via the Automated Clearing House (ACH).


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Selfies that Track and Target shoppers

I have always been amazed at the billion ways a mouth, nose and two eyes can appear on the canvas of a face. Surely, we all have an identical face to ours lurking somewhere in the world. The facial recognition algorithm that companies are developing for marketing and security purposes is growing like a teenager on steroids due to Facebook’s 1.65 billion users uploading and tagging pictures. ...

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The Truth About EMV Liability

My outlook on life is deeply connected to my internal barometer for fairness which I use to critique my surroundings, both personal and professional. I’m feeling its heat as I read about how retailers are being financially punished for not complying with the new EMV chip technology for credit cards at the POS. As of October 2015, if merchants didn’t purchase the EMV terminals, there was...

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Why ACH Payments are the Future

Sixty-three percent of millennials do not own a credit card, that’s why. This is a staggering statistic and one that should be shouted from the retail roofs so merchants can hear it. Let me shout it 63% of MILLENNIALS DON’T OWN A CREDIT CARD! This should be music to a merchant’s ear especially since swipe fees are the second highest operating expense behind labor for most of them. This also ...

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The MCX Failure - CurrentC You Later

So maybe Kevin Costner wasn’t a soothsayer after all when he predicted if you build it they will come. As MCX announced today that its own product CurrentC, the retailer backed payment app, will be terminated on June 28th, 2016, leaving a lot of people wondering what happened. From the big box retailer’s perspective, CurrentC, was a shoe-in, the next big payment thing among millennials. Prob...

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