Payment Services

Enhance profits and protect your reputation.

Payments + Loyalty

A powerful tool that saves money and inspires customer loyalty.

Card Services

Card services that grow and adapt with your business needs.

Remote Check Deposit

Accept and deposit checks without ever going to the bank.

BounceBack Recovery

We recover declined payments so you don’t have to.


Leverage ACH payments to acquire shopping data, reward customers, and improve engagement.

It’s time to stop paying expensive processing fees and take back your business. Our platform integrates ACH payments into existing and new loyalty programs. Customers are incentivized to enroll with rewards that are funded from the savings in processing fees. Best of all, acquire unique shopping data and use these insights to better engage with your customers.

Add to Card Programs

Integrate Mobile Apps

Save on Transactions

Credit and debit fees place unnecessary burdens on your bottom line. Save up to 60% on transaction fees by converting customers to direct debit ACH and put that additional money to better use.

Shopping Data is Power

Bridge the gap with your customers by capturing vital shopping data of enrolled customers. Leverage this data for personalized offers that complement a customer’s shopping behavior.

Incentivize your Customers

Use fee savings to incentivize and reward your customers to pay with ACH. We can leverage your existing loyalty platform or connect with one of our loyalty partners for a comprehensive solution.

Simplify the Checkout

Improve the checkout experience by consolidating payment and loyalty program credentials into a single card or app. This program also opens the door to future enhancements.

Reward Your Customers, Not the Credit Card Companies

Make better connections with your customers and earn their shopping dollars.

  • Customers who want to visit stores with loyalty programs 84%'
  • Companies that cannot identify their most loyal customers 51%


Electronically deposit checks with our LeapDeposit software without changing banks.


Checks are accepted at the point-of-sale.


Scanned in the “back” office environment.


Verified data is sent for processing.


Funds are deposited into your account.

Convert All Checks

Deposit consumer, business, cashier, money orders, and more.

No Surprises

Enjoy straight forward pricing and avoid fee spikes, popular with banks.

Bank Neutral

There is no change to your existing banking relationship now or ever.

Cash Flow

Receive your funds quickly with no more lost or partial deposits.

Anytime. Anywhere.

Deposit checks when it’s convenient without driving to the bank.

Checks and Balances

Full online access to deposit data, customized reports, and check images.


A complete recovery solution for returned checks, ACH, and Check 21 transactions.

Smart Re-Presentment

We monitor account balances daily so re-presentment is made when funds are available—protecting your customer from excessive bank fees.

Traditional Collections

Maximize results with technology-driven methods, including phone and letter campaigns using national skip tracing databases.

Complete Oversight

Our check services provide detailed daily reports that are available 24/7, along with our team, to answer any questions you may have.

“The Cash Flow team is composed of customer-focused service representatives that deliver quality help for us as a business and our customers that find themselves in the recovery process. This is not a stereotypical collections service. The customer service representatives are very capable at recovery but also are mentioned by our customers as caring and professional.”

John Guenther

Heinen’s Grocery Stores


PCI compliant processing solutions for all your card and on-the-go business needs.

POS Terminal

Accept all credit and debit transactions using a host of EMV-ready terminals.

Virtual Terminal

Process mail and telephone orders securely from a computer or tablet.


Accept payments on-the-go by turning your phone into a credit card terminal.


Flexible processing solutions liberate you to accept payments anywhere.

Integrate ACH payments into any environment to drive profits.