RIBBIT.ai’s Brian Ostrow engaged 1-on-1 with over 130 attendees during the 2021 event

OXFORD, Ohio – MAY 19, 2021 — RIBBIT.ai attended LendIt Fintech USA 2021 – the USA’s premier event for innovation in Financial Services. The Event’s virtual landscape for networking significantly improved the efficiency of scheduling and completing introductory meetings. Within this reimagined networking experience for the virtual world, Brian Ostrow of RIBBIT.ai took full advantage extending 300 invitations and engaging with more than 130 interested attendees during the Event!

“We track the results of every show”, said LendIt’s Business Development Manager, Mike Michalakis, “By the time we started the Opening Session, Brian had already scheduled three to four times more meetings than any other attendee past or present!”

LendIt partnered with the Brella app for attendees to schedule 15-minute Meet-N-Greet virtual calls with companies of interest.

While there is none better than Brian at driving revenue growth, these results come when the right conference creates the right environment that allows the right people to offer the right solutions, that solve problems.

“My thanks go to the leaders of LendIt Fintech USA 2021, for making it so easy for me to do the things that I do best!” Brian said.

RIBBIT’s solutions deliver disruptive AI advanced bank account intelligence that empowers financial decisioning with patent-pending fraud & affordability analytics and ACH processing that is changing the traditional credit application, underwriting and management ecosystem for lenders, FinTech’s and banks, worldwide.

LendIt Fintech is the largest media and events company dedicated to innovation in lending and digital banking, operating three major conferences annually serving the USA (New York), Europe (London), and Latin America (Miami), along with our worldwide digital community and our daily news organization.

About RIBBIT.ai
RIBBIT.ai delivers better financial outcomes. Our AI harnesses the predictive power of bank and payment behavior to decision on financial products, onboard bank accounts, authorize payments, and qualify credit applicants. With an unprecedented coverage of 99% of bank accounts, RIBBIT.ai is more than just a data provider, we deliver real-time decisioning solutions: BankVERIFY+, BankLOGIN+, BankONBOARD, and BankTRANSACT.

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Amber Copeland